Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Gay Muscle Blogger Twerps vs The 800 Pound Gorillas

So many great directories on the web categorize and list thousands of sports, fitness and muscle building blogs and sites that many would find interesting. The problem is the big Search Engines controlling the ever-narrower slice of what you're allowed to see on the internet. They would never even let you know most of the directories exist. Google happily sends most folks to the supplement-whoring Mega-Site - or the terribly 'Straight-Guy' mentality of Twerps like me are slugging it out with the Big Gorrillas and Corporations for internet visibility.

One Directory Of Note To Click On:
Weight Lifting And Sports Sites

A Few Others:
Weight Training Sports Blog
Strength Training Sports News
Powerlifting Sports Blogs
Bodybuilding Sports Bloggers
Muscle and Strongman Sport Blogs

These are just a few of many web directories that feature blogs that might be of interest to those into exercise, fitness, muscular development, bodybuilding and powerlifting sports - as well as other topics. My presence there is just my way of using some strong-arm tactics of my own to try to Big-Muscle my main Gay Muscle Bear Blog up the ranks of search.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Strong Arm Tactics For Big Muscle Bear Development

For guys naturally gifted to being hairy and big, there are key exercise plans to develop yourself to a beefy, burly and strong hunk of big MuscleBear.

Focus on popular workouts of HIT -- High Intensity Interval Training. Which means heavy weights with low-repetitions of just a few key compound lifts that recruit multiple major muscle groups at once. Our bodies have a couple of major, very large muscles that respond and develop the fastest -- and those need to be the primary ones to focus on to reach the greatest gains in mass and bulk quickly.

One's diet and nutrition must be high in protein foods to encourage for the most tissue regeneration during recovery phases. Avoid excess fat intake, as thick bone Muscle Bears are quite prone towards being overweight and something Bear Powerlifters are most prone to because of their typically Endomorphic body builds.

Please, please! Refrain from shaving your furry body and try to avoid worrying over other guys being unable to readily see the muscle mass or definition under your furry coat. Substantial growth of muscle mass will still be readily visible. Refrain from shaving your whole body unless you're a Musclebear who enters a bodybuilding contest that demands a totally clean-shaven and smooth body. When that event comes shop for the best body grooming tools to get the task completed easily.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Big Muscle Boss

Lacking sufficient self-motivation at the gym, one has a tendency to stay within one's comfort zone. You know, not push too hard, make your muscles hurt too much, not do too many reps or sets. Especially if you're a slightly fat, overweight bear like me. Especially if ordinary Fitness Classes 5 times or so a week just seem to sap whatever energy one has, leaving little left for serious weight-training activity.

So that's why I hired a Muscle Boss Personal Trainer to force me to get back into free weights and do more sets and reps than my body wants to. Cuz I need that external motivation, I need a Drill Sergeant barking orders at me, I need disciplinary action. (Hell, I need ANY sort of action these days...) So, I've decided to let a Certified Fitness Trainer tell me what to do, how to do it, how many times to do it and when I can stop doing it. Cuz me - and my muscles need to be bossed around sometimes, ya know?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

How To Train A Muscle Bear

As you can see in the above photo, Muscle Bears often require rigorous training and discipline - forced to bend over and perform unspeakable acts repeatedly - until they collapse into a grunting, hairy, muscular mass of sweaty exhaustion.

I actually know of the two men in the MuscleBear training photo. The Bear (who shall remain nameless) -  and his Personal Trainer 'Ted The Torturer' who's G-Force Fitness class I attend attend at Palm Springs World Gym 3 times a week. He makes me do unspeakable things with dumbbells over and over again until I'm a sweaty, hairy mass of grunting muscular exhaustion too. But there are no photos of that because I am still ten pounds overweight - and lack sufficient large muscle-mass development to be worth photographing... at this time.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Muscle Bear Mesomorphs vs Ectomorphic Stick-Boys and Blubber-Tubber Endomorphs

I'm starting to hate those beefy, burly hairy little 5' 8" LUGNUTS who happened to be born with Mesomorph genetics, thick bones, and a predisposition towards packing on muscle.

For two reasons really. One, because their weight-lifting effort at the gym actually pays off and delivers visible muscle mass results rather quickly. And Two, the large amounts of muscle tissue tends to attract other Muscle Bears and greatly reduces the odds of ever getting one to notice the Rest Of Us. And so it goes...

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Big Muscle Bears - Big Muscular Brains

Bear Hunting Season again.

I have a liscense to hunt down furry big boys like this - nail their tails - then haul 'em off to the gym to buff up their husky bear bods.